Wednesday, 30 April 2008

"Agar-agar santan"

30th April 2008

Last night I watched a tv program that shows a traditional Indian wedding. I noticed that they put henna on the bride's hands. It looked lovely, and I know it's girls' stuff, but I'm curious about what it's like to colour my hand. Hehe... so i took mummy's lipstick and used it like a crayon..

My hands were pinkish red alright, but nini laki was upset with what I did. As a 'punishment', he went out for the afternoon stroll without me... I cried and learned my lesson. However it turns out that being left at home wasn't a bad idea... I got to help mummy make some agar-agar. Thanks mummy, you're the best!

Moon during the day?

29th April 2008

Today is a bit colder that the past week. We woke up in the morning and it was freezing! I guess the air is getting cooler again, and it gets worse at night. Mummy says that she's catching a cold herself. Poor mummy!

Anyway, there was something interesting today.. I saw the moon from our balcony and it was 10.30 in the morning. Mummy took some pictures using her hand phone. The moon is marked with the red circles... see if you can spot it.

Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Fighting off the sadness

28th April 2008

We've got the Monday blues today... The reason is because last night we had to say good-bye to daddy... However, unlike the last time, I was very brave and didn't shed a tear. I think I'm getting the idea, that this separation is only for a while. Mummy assures me that it is not because daddy doesn't love me and that it's nobody's fault that he left. It's just something that daddy has to do...

So, what did we do to fight off the sadness? We played in the garage! Safiya and I raced each other using the toy car and tricycle and later we had a running race... Safiya wins but not because she's faster, she's very cunning and had some tactics on her own (she didn't start from the starting line, she stayed close to the finish line and waited there instead... hehehe). Clever, sis!

Me and the toy car. It used to be Safiya's, now that she has got a new trike, this car now belongs to me! I know it's a bit small for me but who cares... it's fun!

Ready... get set... go!

Monday, 28 April 2008

Quality time with daddy before he goes back to Brunei

27th April 2008

It's Sunday, and it's so sad that today is the last day daddy is here.. He is flying back to Brunei tomorrow at 1 a.m. and that means daddy needs to go to the airport tonight...

Anyway, we took advantage of this day and spent some quality time with daddy. At noon daddy and I went shopping at Toowong Village where it took us 2o minutes to walk from our home. Later on, daddy took Safiya and I for a final stroll around St. Lucia. Mummy stayed home to finish up some work and bake some cookies for daddy as a souvenir... Hehehe... daddy must have been craving for mummy's delicious Oats and Cornflakes cookies that we posted in this blog earlier on...

Here are some pictures of our activities today:

We bought halal pies for nini bini. We were actually aiming for the chicken pie but they were all out, and so we bought one mushroom pie and one minced-beef pie instead.

Special request... Brisbane map for nini muda Gembo!

There is an aquarium in Toowong Village and I always like to see the beautiful aquatic life...

Hey! It's Dory (like in the movie: Finding Nemo)!

A close encounter with a creature from down under... Oooo scary!

Holding hands with Safiya while walking at the sidewalk.

Still playing at the sidewalk... Silly me, I was trying to sit "on" the fence!

We saw some beautiful birds along the way.

Running around on a field nearby. Takes about 2 minutes walk from home.

Taking a self-picture using the timer. Clever, daddy!

We passed by a child care centre... it reminds me of my school so I asked daddy to take us there.

My school... Why the long face? I wanted to go in but it's Sunday and the school is closed for sure. It was dark since it was almost sunset. Daddy consoled me but I insisted and said, "Miss B (my teacher), please switch on the lights." Ohhh, silly me!

Sunday, 27 April 2008

An enjoyable Saturday

26th April 2008

Yippee! Shops are open again today, so today we went to Chinatown (again!). Hehehe... I have been wanting to eat crabs so we went there to get fresh ones. Daddy ended up buying two live crabs... We also bought some more seafood and halal meat as well.

Later on, we went to Toowong Village to meet up with nini laki and nini bini who went there earlier when we were still at the city. Mummy bought a new tricycle for Safiya... Hehehe, I know... she already has a small toy car (refer to earlier posts) but I always played with it as well. I guess mummy was tired of hearing us fighting over it so she bought the new tricycle. Thanks mummy and daddy, now Safiya and I can play and race together! Yipeeee!

For dinner, we had a feast. We had crab of course, nini bini's chicken curry and mummy's yummy beef bone soup. Slrrrrppp! Enjoy these pictures!

Taking a picture at another part of Brisbane city.

Daddy and Safiya at Toowong Village.

The escalators in Toowong Village. Really makes it easy when pushing trolleys and baby strollers. Great idea, don't you think so?

We like to glide our hands on the escalator wall... Hehe..

The blue building behind us is Toowong Village. In this picture we were waiting for the bus. Nini laki and nini bini took a taxi back home.

Safiya's new tricycle. Mummy bought it for AU$30.00

Nini bini washing the mud crab.

The end product... Just look at the crab meat!
Mummy's yummy beef bone soup. I like to dig out the bone marrow... really delicious.

Nini bini's chicken curry.

We really took advantage of daddy's presence... Love it when daddy feeds me (below) and Safiya (above). Thanks a lot daddy! We love you!

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Anzac Day public holiday

25th April 2008

It's Friday... For the last time before our rented car is collected, daddy and mummy drove us around St. Lucia and Indooroopilly... I guess they wanted to familiarise with the roads here in case we ever rent a car next again (I hope so!). On the way, we passed by our favorite Guyatt Park. I begged daddy to let Safiya and I play there for a while... hehehe... It was fun!
In the afternoon, we stayed home because almost all of the shops are closed due to Anzac Day holiday today. Mummy told me it is a holiday especially dedicated for the Australia and New Zealand soldiers who fought during World War I.

Friday, 25 April 2008

IKEA... shopping time!

24th April 2008
On the second day that we rented the car, we all went to IKEA in Logan. Oh well, I went to school first for a few hours. At around 12 noon, daddy fetched me and we all drove along the university road to show nini bini mummy's university. We figured out this was the only way that she can see the university up close since she will not be able to walk long distance because of her knee pain.

After that, we went straight to IKEA. It's about 20 minutes drive from home. The IKEA store is huge! Daddy and mummy bought lots of stuff for our new home in Brunei. Mummy was especially very excited, the ceiling lamp that she had aimed for was on sale, from AU$39.00 the price was down to AU$4.95 each! Unbelievable but true! So apart from other cool stuff, mummy and daddy bought six pieces of that lamp (those were the last pieces available).

Later at night, we went to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to do some shopping. While we were there, Safiya and I played with some of the fun rides. Thanks mummy and daddy!

In front of the rented car.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

Harbourtown, Gold Coast... here we come!

23rd April 2008

Today, mummy and daddy rented a car for two days. In the morning, the car (Hyundai Tucson) was sent to our house upon request from mummy. Nevertheless, we had to go to the car hire office, so daddy and I went there to sort out the paperworks. Mummy, nini laki and nini bini stayed home to prepare for our long journey to Gold Coast!

We definitely took lots of pictures today and here they are... enjoy!

Taking picture in front of the car hire office.

On the way to Gold Coast.

(Below) Some pictures that we took in Harbourtown shopping outlet. We bought lots of clothes from mummy and daddy's favorite clothesline: Polo Ralph Lauren. Hey, we didn't spend that much, we got good bargain price, the shop was having a 50% sale!

Still in Harbourtown, we bought some lighting fixtures in Bunnings Warehouse for our new home in Brunei. Safiya took a picture in front of the huge store (Safiya was dancing around so the picture is a bit blurry... hehehe).