Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Safwan's 2nd birthday celebration


25th March 2012

Safwan turned 2 on March 15th. However, our parents decided to postpone his party until the school holidays. Usually, we host gatherings and parties at home, but since we are still "maidless", mummy thought we make an exception this time and have the party elsewhere. After much deliberation and making choices, we finally settled for the Poolside Cafe at the Jerudong Polo & Riding Club.

Since the venue hosts its afternoon tea every Sunday afternoon, we requested that our party be held in the morning instead. It proved to be a wise choice since we ended up having the pool all to ourselves! The only downside is the heat since it's outdoors, but the organiser helped by providing extra fans to ensure our comfort.

After prayer recitation, it was birthday cake time. Safwan was excited to see the cake in the form of his favourite cartoon character, Lightning McQueen. He was a bit shy becoming the center of attention that day, but he was definitely happy!

To all our immediate family and friends, thank you for making the event a successful one. We also hope that all of you had a great time dipping in the pool! Till the next one!

Monday, 12 March 2012

Back in action

12 March 2012

Oh gosh! It has been a while since we updated this blog. Frankly we are not even sure if there are still anyone out there who still remember reading blogs! Everyone seem to be busy updating their status on facebook instead. Hehehe

Anyway, for the few remaining followers, we appreciate your time reading this blog. Life for us has been wonderful as always, a bit hectic though especially for mummy and daddy since our maids have gone back to their home country. Still, we do enjoy family time together; we recently visited Yayasan Complex in Bandar and took some pictures in front of the SOAS mosque.