Saturday, 8 August 2009

Two new recipes from mummy

8th August 2009

Mummy's first recipe is "apple turnovers". We were watching the Asian Food Channel the other night and saw this simple recipe. Mummy told daddy that the only thing she needs is for him to buy frozen puff pastry sheets from the supermarket, and so he did. It was as claimed; simple, easy to make and really delicious! The glaze gives that extra taste and shine that anyone may mistake them as bought ready from the bakery.

The pastry sheets are quite expensive though, but it's worth it. You can get the recipe [here] to give it a try. By the way, mummy added raisins in the filling as well.

Tips: Any excess pastry? Cut it into long triangles. Brush remaining cinnamon sauce and roll up with the tip on the outside. The mini croissants are delicious and crunchy too!

Mummy's second recipe is "sweet chilli crabs". Yesterday afternoon daddy bought some fresh live crabs (although rather small in size) and requested that mummy try and cook them in sweet chilli sauce. This is actually a speciality of my aunt, Wawa Jay, but since mummy didn't have much time until dawn to call her up (daddy was about to break his fast), mummy tried to apply her talent and the result... yummmyyy!!! Hehehe... just look at these pictures!

The recipe:

Firstly, prepare the crabs. Be careful if using live ones. Cut the crabs in half and clean away any dirt. A useful trick: immerse the live crabs in boiling water for a minute before chopping them in half - really useful especially if the crabs are very active.

Stir fry shallots, garlic, ginger and large onions (all minced) until fragrant. Then, sprinkle some curry powder and a little bit of water. Then, put in the cut crabs and stir fry on high heat for approximately two minutes. Put in bottled sweet chilli and tomato sauces and add water. Let it simmer for a minute and pour in beaten egg(s) depending on the size of the dish. Ready to serve!

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Chinese steamed yam cake

4th August 2009

Last night, mummy tried out a new recipe. It's actually a long-time favourite of daddy, which is a dish that our late grandmother ("Popo") used to make years back. Mummy had never seen nor tasted the steamed yam cake, but hearing that daddy was craving for it, she searched for the recipe through the internet.

The result; quite tasty and daddy assured us that the taste is similar to that which our late "Popo" made. We'll definitely try making it again when my uncles and aunts come by to visit.

On a personal request from a friend, the recipe can be accessed [here]. Another option can be accessed at a different [site] which displays a similar recipe but with a slight difference.