Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lunch with our grandparents

30th March 2011

Most of the other kids have already started school this week, but JIS will only open next Monday. With a few days remaining in our school holiday, and mummy being on leave as well, nini laki and nini bini took us out to have lunch. We actually did the same routine yesterday as well but mummy forgot to take pictures.

Today, we went to try out a newly opened restaurant not far away from our home. I ordered beef skewers with butter rice while Safiya enjoyed her fish & chips.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Anniversary celebration

29th March 2011

We had a small celebration last night during dinner to celebrate our parents' 8th wedding anniversary. Mummy was not feeling well and as such her idea of fixing a special menu had to be set aside. However, mummy still managed to prepare some of daddy's favourite menu; steamed fish and bubur ubi manis.

In addition to that, mummy found the strength to do a last minute purchase at a nearby bakery and bought an ice-cream cake. Yam ice-cream is mummy's favourite and so is the colour - purple is her favourite too. Safwan was the happiest to blow out the candle, not to mention his big brother and sister as well! Hehehe...

As soon as we were full, we sat down to rest and reflect on the great 8 years it has been. We are really proud of our parents; they had achieved a lot in less than a decade of marriage. Two of the biggest achievements of course is owning their own house (built from scratch!) and having three lovely children... with another one on the way, insyaAllah!

Then, when mummy went out of the dining room for a while, we saw daddy busy fixing something and putting it on the table. When mummy came in, she couldn't believe her eyes. Daddy gave mummy a present this year; it's an iPhone 4!

To mummy and daddy... happy anniversary!

Monday, 28 March 2011

8 years and still going strong

28th March 2011

A special message for beloved mummy and daddy...

Happy 8th wedding anniversary
May our family be blessed with lots of love, joy and happiness

We love you both very much!

~ Syafi, Safiya & Safwan ~

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Latest SSS trio picture

27th March 2011

Mummy took a great picture of us today...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Our road trip to Kota Kinabalu

26th March 2011

We are currently enjoying our Term 2 school holiday which started on 19th March and will end on 3rd April (a week later than the government schools). As promised, mummy took her leave from work the whole time we are at home after we complained of how bored we were last December when both our parents were working while we stay home with nothing much to do.

As one of our activities, mummy has been planning for quite some time with Nini Laki and Nini Bini for a short holiday in Kota Kinabalu. Although flights are available, we decided to go on a road trip instead using two cars.

Our journey began on Monday the 21st just before 6 am. Safwan seemed to know that we were going somewhere; he woke up early, had an early breakfast and took a warm bath. Safiya and I on the other hand, were still asleep and we didn't realise when our parents lifted us up from the bed and we continued sleeping in the car. Yup, we were still in our PJs! Hehehe.....! We did change afterwards, of course! Halfway through the journey, we slept some more...

There wasn't too much traffic but defeinitely lots of Brunei registered cars were on the same route that we were taking. We arrived in KK around noon and we straight away rested at our pre-booked apartment at Marina Court, right at the heart of the city. We had lunch at the apartment since Nini Bini and mummy brought already cooked meals from home.

Too tired from the journey, our drivers (Nini Laki and daddy) felt asleep the whole afternoon. It was only at night when Nini Laki and bungsu Hazim went out searching for our dinner.

We practically had only two days to spend in KK, excluding Monday and Thursday which we spent on the road. Unfortunately, Safwan had a mild fever during the last two days, and the weather didn't allow us much time outdoors. It was raining every afternoon. As such, we did not go visit any interesting places but spent time shopping instead. Perhaps we'll do that next time, but we definitely need at least a week for that purpose.

Here are some pictures of us enjoying the delicious foods and having some leisure time swimming on our last day before heading home.

Our last stop was the markets where we buy our supplies of dried shrimps, anchovies and fish. We took the opportunity to take a few pictures in front of the South China Sea.

Overall, it was a great and fun adventure!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

NiniGal's 50th birthday celebration

20th March 2011

~ our first update using a brand new memory card ~

Since a while ago, Warya family has informed us about the plan to hold a surprise birthday celebration for NiniGal. We were given a list of menu that was to be pre-booked and since the event was to be held at Charcoal grill cafe in BSB, we were excited.

The day finally came today and amazingly, the plan was successful! Despite a concern that our secret might have leaked, it didn't! Hehehe... We can still remember the expression on NiniGal's face when we all yelled 'Surprise!' as she walked inside the event room.

We took pictures of the food that we enjoyed. Yummy!

Happy 50th birthday NiniGal... stay young and gorgeous! Hehehe!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Reason behind the silence

18th March 2011

Okay, we admit. It's been a long time since this blog was updated. Apart from our parents being extremely busy lately and mummy's health being not at the very best, the main reason is because of a problem that we are facing with our camera's memory card.

Somehow, it got infected with a computer virus which then make it unreadable by any computer. The pictures are still inside, thankfully, but we are still out of luck in the attempt of transferring them out.

It's so frustrating that we're still not in the mood to update this blog... it wouldn't be fun without pictures, right? Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully we can find the solution to this problem soon. If any of you have any useful tips or perhaps have experienced this problem before and know how to fix it, please let us know. Your help will be very appreciated.

Until next time! Remember we are still here, just in silence.

Love you lots

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Safwan Rahmani is 1 year old today!

15th March 2010

Happy birthday to our adorable baby brother who turns 1 today.

His greatest achievement so far ~ he can already walk! Mummy says that Safwan is so far the fastest one to walk because both Safiya and I only started walking after we reach one year old. Apart from that, he is a happy baby who loves to smile and laugh, extremely talkative and loves to dance. Simpy put, we think that Safwan is a genius! Hehehe...

We all pray that Safwan will grow up well, healthy and happy