Saturday, 31 October 2009

Crunchy chicken pita bread

31st October 2009

After the UBD graduation day today, nini Lumut and Mama Usu landed at our place for a quick rest before Mama Usu's flight back to London at 8.15pm. While they were resting, daddy picked mummy up from work and when they returned home, daddy and mummy straightly prepared a special afternoon snack for our guests.

It's so simple to make and tastes delicious. Crunchy chicken fillets in pita breads, accompanied with salad, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise. This is definitely a must-have menu next time, they are really yummmyyyy!!!

Shortly after Maghrib prayers, we went to the airport to send off Mama Usu for the second time. She went to the UK on 26th September to pursue her Masters at Keele University, and returned back to Brunei on 26th October especially to attend her graduation. This time, Mama Usu travels alone but she seems to be brave as always. Way to go, Mama Usu!

Oh, and after saying our good-byes, we saw a very beautiful car at the parking lot. The dream car... a Lamborghini MurciƩlago! A luxurious sight! Hehehe...

Last but not least, a big congratulations to Mama Usu, wawa Hajah Rosni (mummy's eldest sister) and auntie Fidah (daddy's cousin) on their graduation day today from the University of Brunei Darussalam. We are proud of all of you.

Friday, 30 October 2009

JIS cross-country race

30th October 2009

In the early morning today, my school had organised a cross-country race. Students from Reception to Level 2 (including myself) get to run a whole lap around our school football field. Sounds like a small distance, but for my age, it was quite a run! Some of my friends even cried because they were too tired to finish the race. As for myself, I didn't rush but still managed to get to the finish line. Mummy and Safiya were there supporting and cheering as I finish.

Although I didn't win, I'm glad that tree of my classmates managed to do so. What's important is that I had fun... hehehe!

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A late birthday present

28th October 2009

Back from work today, daddy brought a surprise for Safiya. Apparently, daddy's long-term good friend, uncle Zahreen, who was not able to attend Safiya's birthday bash left a birthday present on daddy's office table.

Safiya was extremely delighted to receive the gift and her eyes sparkled once it's unwrapped. Ever since mummy's pregnancy, Safiya seems to be excited about having a baby around. The birthday present was perfect for Safiya... it becomes a training tool for her before our real bundle of joy comes along next year.

Thank you uncle Zahreen, auntie Mel, Roy & baby Mysha!

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Safiya's birthday bash

25th October 2009

Last night, we had a Doa Selamat ceremony in conjunction with Safiya's birthday party. We invited close family members as well as our neighbours and had a great time. This time, mummy was the only chef and on the menu was soto Brunei, mummy's version of nasi paprik and chicken & seafood balls on skewers. Here are the pictures taken last night.

First and foremost, prayer recitation

Then, it was time for the birthday girl to blow the candles on her cake (again!)...

A custom-made cake, in the shape of a princess crown

Everyone was supportive and sang the birthday song nicely. Just look at those happy smiles on Safiya's face.

After all that singing, time to enjoy dinner!

And of course, birthdays bring with it the joy of receiving birthday presents! Safiya was really happy to get lots of gifts, and it made her feel like a princess at least for one night. During the unwrapping session, Safiya was helped by mummy, ngangah, bungsu Diana and her baby, Syahmi.

Then, everyone went home and Safiya waved goodbye as a big thank you for all who came and made the event a successful one.

Well, what do you know... our birthday 'princess' got tired and fell asleep.

Wondering what Safiya got as her birthday presents this year? Here are the pictures...

Presents from nini laki and nini bini. Clothes, a school bag and a stationery set.

Brought in especially from London. Presents from Nini Lumut, Warya family and Mama Usu.

From Nini Green and family.

Presents from Wawa, Ngangah and Bungsu

From our beloved cousin, Kaka Eyah

From nini Limon

Last but not least, great presents from our neighbours.

After looking at all those presents, Safiya and I now cannot wait for our birthdays next year! Hehehe... Thanks again to everybody... We love you all!

Friday, 23 October 2009

Seedless rambutans

23rd October 2009

Yesterday afternoon, we visited nini laki and nini bini. When we arrived there, nini bini was busy preparing and counting some rambutans picked from our family orchard for some customers. What's really amazing is that the rambutans are seedless. It really makes the eating part more interesting, especially for Safiya and I. Just open the skin, pop in your mouth, chew and swallow... how convenient!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Lost and found pics

22nd October 2009

Mummy was browsing through her phone and found some pictures that were meant to be posted but somehow they got lost with time. Nevertheless, we think that it's not too late to share these pictures yet and so here there are...

The first two pictures is regarding our cousin, Kaka Fathin, who surprised us all by appearing in a local television program during the fasting month of Ramadhan. Kaka Fathin has always been said to look almost identical to mummy (we think so too). In this TV programme, she played the role of a grandmother and she was really good at it! Hehehe...

SHELL: That's what the other pictures are about. Daddy went to the fish market in Jerudong and discovered these interesting looking clams. When daddy asked the fishmongers for its name, they simply said "Shell". Frankly, we've been seeing the Shell logo (as in the petroleum company) our whole life and that day was the first time we see the real thing.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Raya at auntie CQ's

18th October 2009

Last night, we received a special invitation from auntie [CQ] to come by her place in Rimba. This definitely is the last house we visit during this year's Raya celebrations, but it's definitely "last but not least". Auntie CQ has prepared her scrumptious 'Soto Singapura' cum 'Mi Soto Ayam' and everyone was really enjoying the meal. Even Safiya had made lots of slurrrrrrrppppping sounds which really shows how delicious the food was! Hehehe...

And to our delight, auntie CQ had made a surprise for Safiya when she brought out three cupcakes with three candles; each year representing one year of my sister's age.

Thank you auntie CQ, uncle and sister Kimchi for the birthday surprise, and not to mention the lovely dinner. Hope to see you all again soon!

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Happy Birthday to Safiya

15th October 2009

Announcement: Safiya is three years old today! Yippeee!!!

Hehehe... Yes, my sister is now a year older. To celebrate, we had a small family dinner and sang the birthday song for our beloved birthday girl. A "princess" birthday cake and a huge birthday candle was enough to put a big smile on my sister's face. The birthday bash is coming soon, probably next weekend, since we want to wait until nini Lumut come home from their UK trip next Thursday.

To Safiya, hang on for another week before the party, okay?

Hugs and kisses from daddy, mummy and me!

P/S: Hmmm.... some of our family members might now start to worry about buying Safiya's birthday present... Hehehe...