Monday, 30 June 2008

Prawn fritters.. Mummy vs. daddy

Hehehe... A friendly competition.. Full of love, and.. prawns! Last night, mummy and daddy made their own version of prawn fritters, and I was the judge. It was a tough choice, because both types are delicious. I'm a prawn lover myself, so I definitely enjoy eating both. Nevertheless, I'm not really a huge fan of potatoes, so I will have to go with mummy's version. Sorry daddy, I love your version too (especially the large whole prawn inside)!

Daddy's version. Skinned prawns are coated with mashed potatoes, and then dipped in white eggs and deep-fried.

Mummy's version.. the usual 'cucur udang'. With the right mixture and type of flour, it's really crunchy.

Especially dedicated to daddy... my picture enjoying the potato prawn fritters. Love you lots!

Sunday, 29 June 2008

A closer look at a Malay wedding

29th June 2008

Today, the whole family went to the wedding of a close relative. The bride is actually a cousin of nini green, so that makes the bride my 'grandmom' too! Hehehe... sort of! Anyway, we took lots of pictures today, so enjoy this brief tour of a Malay wedding.

To Laila & Shah. congratulations on your wedding!

Guests sit in tents, seated in groups of 30 at each table. Oh yeah, it's definitely hot under the burning sun! In our culture, guests arrive before a specified time, sit together until the prayer recitation and lunch. In Malaysia, guests come at different times.

After recitation of prayers, guests eat together. Afterwards, some goes back home and some stays back to witness the 'bersanding' ceremony.

Enjoying lunch with daddy. I'm wearing a 'baju melayu'.

Safiya takes picture with mummy. She was unhappy because of the heat, but we do have to get used to it!

The groom has arrived ...

... welcomed by the 'hadrah' (in Malaysia it's called kompang).

Before entering the house, the groom has his feet (shoes rather) drizzled with water and some 'bunga rampai' (mixture of cut flowers and leaves) is sprinkled on his face.

After sitting on the 'pelamin' and recitation of prayers, the groom brings his bride outside to greet the waiting guests.

Outside.. looking at guests standing and taking lots of pictures.

And on to a balcony.. The happy couple!

Another picture of the newly wed couple.

All family members of the bride.. Almost all that is! Hehe.. she's one of 12 siblings, so.. you do the maths. By the way, the bride is actually a natural sister of Machar, the eldest in mummy's adoptive family.

Family picture.. smile everybody!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

My advance birthday party

25th June 2008

Yes.. you read it right. My birthday is today, but we decided to have the party last night, in advance. Close relatives and family members were invited, and I had the happiest birthday ever. So... let me escort you to my birthday party and the preparations before that.

A few days back, we prepared 'goodie bags' for our guests. 100 bags altogether.

At the party...

Guests started to arrive around 8 pm, and I received birthday presents including from nini Belait (daddy's dad).

Male guests sit in the formal living room. Nini laki recites the prayers.

Female guests in the informal living room.

Nini green and other relatives choose to sit in the kitchen.

Family members and relatives helping themselves out with the dinner buffet.

My birthday cake.. That's supposed to be Lightning McQueen, my favourite character from the movie "Cars". Flavour? Butter cake with yam ice cream filling.

Nini bini's Black Forest birthday cake.

The moment that has long been awaited. A great bonus this year.. Safiya can sing the full version of the birthday song on her own.. She's only 1 year and 8 months old!

After enjoying the birthday cakes, I walked around and said thank you to all the guests with a 'Salam' (It's a handshake, but in our custom, we kiss the hand of those older than ourselves as a sign of respect).

Yeayyy! Another fun part.. my birthday presents...

Firstly, I opened the guitar that nini Belait gave me. Mummy said it's the real thing, not an imitation or a toy. Last year, nini Belait gave me an electric keyboard, and mummy said I must take music lessons soon so that I can play the instruments and make nini Belait proud.

Nini Belait played a song for me. He really loves music.

I got this remote controlled race car from Ngangah. It's a red BMW!

Trying out the remote controlled car. By the way, that's Ngangah's hubby.

Aunt Liza (daddy's other sister) gave me this pool table. Look at my eye!

Nini bini also received lots of birthday presents.

A goodbye wave from nini Belait. Thanks for coming, and thanks for the gifts too!

Hehehe... For this special day, I put on special pyjamas.. I'm Batman!

And now it's official... I am four years old!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Happy 57th birthday nini bini

23 June 2008

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To Nini Bini
Happy Birthday To You

Especially for nini bini, happy 57th birthday.. and thank you for loving us very much. For this special day, here are pictures from our trip to Europe mid 2007. Sweet memories...

Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium

Madurodam, Den Haag, The Netherlands.

London Bridge, London

Buckingham Palace, London

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Monthong Durian

22 June 2008

Durian? It's delicious! I know, in some parts of the world it's a horrible thing to eat. Mummy says that once she even saw the 'Fear Factor' show and eating Durian was one challenge that has to be faced by the competitors. I admit, the smell is quite strong, but in our community, this fruit is a real delicacy. I bet I'll win that Fear Factor challenge!

The one that nini bini bought today is Monthong, imported from Thailand. The flesh is large and tastes great. In Malaysia, the local durians look the same, i.e. off-white coloured flesh, but in Brunei, our durian are multi-coloured. Some have bright yellow flesh, orange and even maroon in colour. Of course, the taste differ and that makes eating durian even more fun. For those out there who cannot stand the smell, we also have the option of a species known as 'Durian Polo' which tastes sweet without the smell and is not sticky or messy as is the other types of durian on the market. Sadly, the Brunei local durian is not yet in season now. Nevertheless, nini bini always has back up, she likes to freeze the fruit in containers (without the hard skin) and we can have supply of the multi-coloured durian all year long.

Okay, enough about durian ... enjoy watching me enjoying a feast in these pictures!