Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chinese yam fritters

24th April 2011

Being half-Chinese, daddy loves Chinese dishes. One of which is yam fritters that's usually served in Dim Sum restaurants. In the afternoon today, daddy had his first try at making them. The filling was stir-fried prawns with mushrooms and of course, the outer batter (a dough, rather) consists of steamed and mashed yam mixed with wheat starch and some other ingredients. Since it was our first try, we shaped the fritters into flattened balls instead of the usual triangular shapes served in the restaurants.

Our first attempt at frying them was not that successful whereby most of the fillings came out. With mummy's magic hands in "repairing" the dough, voila! We successfully created yummy-licious crispy yam fritters, just the way daddy likes it!

Hehehe.... Mummy told Wawa Jay about it and she already requests that we make them next time we have our family gathering!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Our first cousin of 2011

13th April 2011

Alhamdulillah, a new cousin is born. Syahmi is now officially a big brother, and he will soon have a friend to play with at home. The baby boy was born weighing 2.9kg and has distinctive Chinese-look features all over... just like the lucky mummy! Congratulations to Bungsu Diana and hubby, Bungsu Hj Raihan on the birth of your adorable bundle of joy.

Welcome to the world, Syamim Ar-Rasyid

Cute, isn't he?

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Playing with mummy's iPhone

10th April 2011

Mummy took some pictures of us playing with her new smartphone. It's true what people say, the phone is user-friendly and is easy to use, even for children like us.

Nevertheless, we are definitely not at liberty to play with it all the time. We only have limited usage during schooldays - only when we are in the car with mummy on our way to and from school. School nights are dedicated for reading and a short time for tv. We also have little time to play with it on Saturdays since mummy brings it to work. As such, we only have the weekend night and Sundays to have the phone to ourselves. Then, when we are attending gatherings, mummy would ask us to stop when prayers are read and it was time to eat. The biggest rule of all - we must ask her permission before anything else.

Sounds boring right? But we guess that mummy doesn't want us to be too involved with playing so much that we will slowly start to ignore people around us. It's a common sight nowadays that kids do not mingle around, especially with the elders, since they are too busy with the gadgets. If mummy and daddy believe its for the best, then we believe that too.