Saturday, 29 November 2008

Happy Birthday Mummy!

29 November 2008

Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday To You
Happy Birthday dear mummy
Happy Birthday To You

Hehehe... Today is mummy's turn to blow candles.. She turns 27 today! We didn't have any celebration, but we had a taste of mummy's scrumptious mango cheesecake (with lime icing glaze on top)... Yummmmmm!!!

"We love you mummy"

Friday, 28 November 2008

Hmmm, can I skip school?

28 November 2008

Now that daddy's here, we want to spend the whole time with him. When sending me to school this morning, I didn't want to let daddy go... and at last, after about an hour, daddy and mummy decided to bring me home. I'm too excited to spend quality time with daddy after more than a month separation anyway! Hehehe...

At noon, I walked with daddy to mummy's university to perform the Friday prayers. After resting and a delicious lunch, we went to the city until early night time. In Brisbane, shops close at 5pm, but the business hour in the city is extended on Fridays.

In all, an enjoyable day... Here are the pictures:

Especially to nini laki and nini bini... Our front yard is now covered with red flowers!

A team constructing with building blocks... a success!

Painting a birthday cake for mummy's birthday tomorrow

My friends and I chasing the lizard who likes to appear during tea-time

At mummy's university

Taking picture at Brisbane Arcade in the city

Thursday, 27 November 2008


27 November 2008

A gloomy morning.. and rainy too.. I didn't feel like going to school, and was practically begging that mummy stays at my school until it's over. After much hesitation, and consoled by my teacher, mummy was able to leave without me noticing.

While walking home, mummy was surprised when a taxi honked at her. Mummy became suspicious when she saw a man with a familiar spiky hair inside, trying to hide.. Oh my! That's a really delightful surprise, because... DADDY IS HERE!

Hehehe... Daddy told us that he'll be arriving on Saturday, but suddenly appears in Brisbane today, 2 days early! Good thing mummy left me and went home after all! And of course, I was jumping up and down when daddy came to pick me up after school... Oh, how we miss daddy so much! Thank you for the surprise, daddy!

"Am I dreaming?"..... I guess that's what Safiya was thinking!

My reaction after seeing daddy... very delighted!

A big hug after a long time waiting...

At home, we straightly gave daddy his belated birthday present (or should I say, presents?). Luckily mummy had them wrapped early or else our surprise would have been ruined! And what did we give to daddy this year? Two perfumes, a poster of Brisbane, and an exclusive bed sheet set, especially for our new [home] in Selayun. Yipeeee!!


And here's a video clip of daddy's birthday card... so sweet!! My Guy...

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Tahlil ceremony in Brisbane

23 November 2008

As planned, we held a tahlil ceremony today afternoon especially dedicated in memory of our late great grandfather. Our Malaysian neighbours could not come due to an earlier plan, but the Bruneian students who are still around (lots of them have gone home due to the semester break) were glad to accept the invitation.

This time, mummy was the only cook, but thankfully everything went well. On the menu were rice, soy sauce chicken, dried shrimps sambal and pumpkin stew. Mummy also made her coconut cream agar-agar, and auntie Husma was kind to bring some oranges and watermelon to add to the menu.

A special thanks to uncle YJ for leading the tahlil recitation, and not to mention all those who came. Enjoy these pictures:

And especially dedicated to daddy, nini laki and nini bini in Brunei, here's a video clip of the tahlil recitation.

Friday, 21 November 2008

The last mother roster for mummy

21 November 2008 (Part I)

Frankly, I have been feeling homesick and abandoned since nini laki and nini bini went home. School does not seem enjoyable anymore, and the part that I dislike the most is when mummy has to leave me there. Yesterday, I did not want to let mummy go, and after about one hour trying to console me, mummy and Miss B finally discussed and decided that I go home for the rest of the day.

Today, I am cheerful, not because I find school excited all over again, but because I know Safiya and mummy will be staying at school the whole time because mummy was on roster. I'm really glad to have mummy beside me the whole time, and Safiya was clearly having a blast too!

Here are some pictures of my school day today...

Safiya.. who according to Miss B is gorgeous and petite!

Playing at the play house with some of my friends

Claudia and I helped each other pulling Alexander and Piera in the cart

Making a mould of my hand.. Miss B says that the mould is generously donated by a dentist who happens to be one of my friend's father

Safiya trying out different colours

A pony ride

I drew Safiya and myself

We do not celebrate Christmas, but I helped out my friends making the decorations to build up my skills

Safiya teaming up with my friend, Nishil, putting together a puzzle

Time for an afternoon nap!

Safiya now attached to Miss B.. Hehehe...

Music time at school

22 November 2008 (Parrt II)

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Rest in peace....

20 November 2008 (Part I)

Sadness is upon us again.. The day before yesterday, our great grandfather finally succumbed to his illness and passed away peacefully. I was wondering when I saw mummy crying after getting a phone call from back home.. When I approached her, mummy gave me the biggest hug and sobbed. Safiya and I are still too young to understand, but looking at mummy, it's must be really painful for her not to be able to see her grandfather again.

We pray that my great grandfather, Allahyarham Haji Mohd Daud bin Mahmud, will rest in peace. We will all miss you dearly...

At night the very same day, we had a tahlil ceremony (prayers for the departed) and this will continue on for three consecutive nights. As for us here in Brisbane, mummy is planning on having a small tahlil ceremony soon, and the date is yet to be set.

Brunei third Haj flight takes off

20 November 2008 (Part II)

Last Sunday, my uncle (mummy's brother-in-law) went on a religious journey to perform the pilgrimage or Hajj to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Uncle Ilham was one of the 238 pilgrims flying as a third batch from Brunei, and will spend approximately a month in the holy city and the surrounding cities of Medina, Jeddah, Mina, Arafah and Muzdalifah, all in the name of performing the fifth pillar of Islam.

Before departing, our family members gathered at uncle Ilham's house for the farewell prayers. Mummy, Safiya and I joined through the webcam, as usual. Here are some pictures that daddy sent us:

Uncle Ilham even made a debut in the local newspaper. Here's the extract:

Muhd Nurilham bin Hj Abd Hamid of Kg Tagap, Jerudong said, "My trip is for performing the fifth pillar of Islam and not for holiday. After attending a course on haj, it built my confidence. I also read a lot of books on how to perform haj.

"After saving my income for almost five years, I felt my dream has come true. I am going with nine of my brothers and sisters this year.

"My wishes are to be healthy so that I can perform the haj properly and to get Haj Mabrur.

"This is my first time going for haj pilgrimage. I feel excited and a little bit nervous as I don't have much information on the place that I am heading to."

We all hope and pray that uncle Ilham have a pleasant and safe journey, and the pilgrimage a successful one, amin!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Kungfu Panda

14 November 2008 (Part II)

When we went to DFO last Monday, mummy bought for me a new outfit.. And since I was feeling down today, mummy let me wear it to school. That definitely put a big smile on my face, and Safiya and I ended up doing kungfu poses for the camera.

Thank you mummy!

Countdown before the day daddy arrives in Brisbane

15 more days to go!