Friday, 16 September 2011

Chicken pox "on the loose"

16th September 2011

During this festive season, visiting family and friends is definitely one of the main activities. Unfortunately for us, that had to be limited. The reason - chicken pox. Safiya got infected about a week ago and is now almost completely healed. Unfortunately, it's Safwan's turn at the moment. Thankfully, both my siblings did not have any fever and only complain about the itching and a bit of pain when the lesions burst. One good thing coming out from this - my parents won't have to worry about any of us having chicken pox anymore!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Openhouse for Malaysian visitors

3rd September 2011

This year, our first few days of Hari Raya were a bit busier than usual. Our grandparents had catering reservations to attend to, and at the same time Nini Laki was welcoming a group of visitors from Malaysia who were here to experience celebrating Hari Raya in Brunei. Their main aim definitely was to visit the Sultan's palace (Istana Nurul Iman) since it is open for three days to the public. Who wouldn't want the chance to roam the palace grounds, and meet the monarch and the royal family up close, right?

In support of their intention of experiencing the warmth of Bruneians, mummy had agreed to Nini Laki's suggestion to invite the visitors to our home last night. Nini Bini cooked a lot of Brunei traditional dishes. Unfortunately though, due to limited time, daddy's plan to serve ambuyat had to be cancelled. It would have been a great experience for our guests.

Before the night ended, they performed a zikir or marhaban and kindly presented some gifts to show their appreciation. We surely hope that they bring back home fond memories of the Abode of Peace.