Monday, 24 May 2010

Let's save energy

24th May 2010

It's Brunei's Energy Day today

Let's all support the good cause by doing as much as we can

SOS = switch off and set

Here are some tips that will definitely contribute towards energy saving:

Reduce air-conditioner usage
Turn off lights when leaving a room
Do not put electrical appliances in standby mode
Don't leave refrigerator door open for long
Choose products with energy saving features
Reduce heat indoors with curtains
Check tire pressure regularly
Prefer small, compact cars

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Rat noodles

23rd May 2010

One of our favourite dishes is fried "rat noodles" or as the Chinese say, "lao shu fen". It is known with that name in Malaysia and Singapore, while those in Hong Kong and Taiwan call it "silver needle noodles". Thank you to our late grandmother who introduced it to daddy and his siblings, and now, as the next generation, we get to taste it too.

Every time we get a craving for it, daddy will go to our usual shop in Menglait where these noodles are sold fresh. Today, we are lucky when Ngangah dropped by and gave us some! Thank you Ngangah!

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Our new learning gadgets

22nd May 2010

They say that learning is best started at an early age. I am almost 6 and Safiya is more than halfway until her 4th birthday. Daddy and mummy thinks that it is about time we both start learning how to read the Quran, beginning from getting to know the Arabic letters and the sound they make.

To help in this "mission", daddy bought some new gadgets to help us study. Two reading tables and a display unit for him to put the book up (it's actually for placing music notes) did the trick. Our study time is after the evening prayers before bedtime. When our cousins come for a sleep over next time, we hope that they can join us too.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Keep on learning

21st May 2010

As I have mentioned some time before, I am now studying in Year 1 and will move on to Year 2 in September. At school, we learn lots of new and interesting topics. During pick-up time today, mummy had the chance to photograph some of my works on display outside my classroom.

These pictures were taken when my class was divided into groups and each one acted out a story. My group was given the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I played the part as the wood-cutter... the hero who saved Red from the wolf!

And this is a graph that we made during Math lesson.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It's story time

19th May 2010

Once every week, Safiya and I go to our school library as part of our class timetable. We get to choose two books to bring home and read for the week. We make it a routine every night to have a bedtime story with the help of daddy or mummy. If they are busy, I read the books while Safiya listens and enjoy the pictures. Recently, we have another person interested in reading... it's baby Safwan! He really loves lying down and listening to our story books being read. Hehehe...

By the way...

A big birthday shout out especially to our cousin [Lizam] who turns two today. Happy birthday couz, and we look forward to your birthday celebration in June!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Nini Green is 64

16th May 2010

Happy birthday especially for our beloved [Nini Green] (mummy's natural mother) who turns 64 today. She is a strong and loving person; mother to 9 children and grandmother to 23 grandchildren - Safwan being the 23rd. We love you Nini Green!

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Safwan's visit to the doctor

15th May 2010

Happy 2 month old birthday to baby Safwan!

Coincidentally, today was also Safwan's visit to the doctor for the first stage of his immunisation routine. Previously, Safiya and I went to the government clinic for our monthly shots, each one different from the other. For that, mummy had to bring us to visit the doctor once every month until we reached the age 6 months - and this continues until the age of 5.

However, lucky Safwan was given a free immunisation package on promotion at JPMC. It's called the Hexa vaccination package which comprises of shots each one containing 6 vaccines. This 6-in-1 vaccine is for diphteria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), hepatitis B, poliomyelitis (polio) and Haemophilus influenzae type B (Hib). It is given at the age of 2 months, 4 months and 6 months. In other words, the number of visits to the doctor is reduced by half.

At the same time, our baby brother also gets a check up by his paediatrician. Thankfully, Safwan is healthy and smiling the whole time, except when he received the jab at his small thigh! However, after a few minutes crying, he started smiling again. Oh, and latest news -- he now weighs 5.62 kg!

At the same time, mummy also had a follow up appointment with her OBGYN doctor. She took the opportunity to take some pictures with Dr. Azlina - the hero who delivered our baby brother into this world. Funny enough, while the doctor was talking to mummy and daddy, Safwan was also busy making conversations with her. The doctor said that perhaps Safwan recognises her voice; all those encouraging words saying "Push! Push!" Hehehehe....

We also prepared a special thank you card as an appreciation for all the care and support during Safwan and mummy's stay at the hospital. The card now hangs beautifully together with the other babies' "hall of fame".

And to pass the time, Safiya and I were busy playing at the play area and together "built" a hotel. Sorry Safiya, the picture below is as if I'm taking all the credit for myself...!

What happens next? At home, Safwan showed a sign of a mild fever which was expected. Thankfully, the doctor had prescribed him with Panadol as a precaution. Our baby brother looked funny after tasting his medicine, the taste must be way different from mummy's milk... hehehe....

And after three times taking the medicine, the fever subsided. Our happy and smiling baby brother is back.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Baby talk

13th May 2010 (Part II)

Here is a video clip of our talkative baby brother. He loves to smile and "talk" especially when he sees mummy arriving home from work. This video was taken today at noon during mummy's lunch break.

More pics from BSP East Emblem Night on March 20th

13th May 2010 (Part I)

Hehe... still a bit frustrated that we didn't win "best-dressed"!
By the way, thanks to the pro photographer for the pics

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

1200 cities and counting

10th May 2010

Our blog's recognition from Yippeee!!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

JIS Sports Day

8th May 2010

Yesterday was quite a busy day. Daddy took the day off from work and at 7.15 am, the whole family went to our school to attend our annual Sports Day. Last year, mummy came to watch me race together with Safiya and Bungsu Hazim while daddy had to go to work. Another difference is that this time, Safiya is no longer a spectator since she is now a student too.

In Safiya's classroom, we noticed that there was a chicken brooder with fluffy little chicks in it. It must be one of her class's learning topics which is similar to what I had experienced earlier during my school days in Australia.

After checking into class at around 7.40, daddy and mummy went to our assembly room for the Nursery sports. I guess since Safiya and her classmates are of such a young age, their sports were held separately from the older children. Their session started at 8 am and mummy took lots of pictures of Safiya in action while daddy recorded the videos. According to them, Safiya was really fast and knows exactly what to do in every game. Safiya also managed to toss all three bags straight into the ring. It was lots of fun and the Nursery children must have looked cute and funny!

Then at 8.45, the second session began in the school gymnasium. Mostly, my actions were recorded by daddy using his video camera. Mummy was busy with baby Safwan and as such not many pictures were taken. It's alright though, I already had lots of pictures taken last year. Furthermore, probably there won't be any nice shots taken because I was too fast for the camera! Hahaha!

In between the games, daddy had to go to the car to fetch baby Safwan's bag as he needed a diaper change. On his way, daddy walked by the school swimming pool and noticed a familiar smile. Apparently it was Safiya's swimming class in action!

At the end of the day, everybody was tired but had lots of fun. We are also glad that baby Safwan came to support and cheer us on. He was a good baby too and even managed to doze off with all those noise in the gym.

By the way, tomorrow is Mothers' Day.
Especially to our beloved mummy,
Hugs and kisses from your adorable kids;
Syafi, Safiya and Safwan.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Safiya gets a haircut

7th May 2010

It's been a while since mummy develops the intention to bring Safiya to a hairdresser to get a hair cut. Safiya had quite long hair and everyday before going to school, daddy would tie it up in a ponytail. However, Safiya dislikes it and usually lets her hair loose as soon as she reaches home. The problem then arises when it's time to eat (which seems to be all the time!) because her hair would get in the way. In addition, Safiya already had two "unprofessional" haircuts by both me and herself! Hehehe...

Before the haircut...

And then... tadaaaaa!

Now, the new cut proves to be convenient not only for Safiya but everyone else too. No longer she has hair in her food and prep time in the morning is cut short with only a hairclip to put on. Furthermore, Safiya looks cute... hehehe!