Tuesday, 31 March 2009

White chocolate cream cake

31st March 2009
Yummm... Mummy's new product... White chocolate cream [cake] with white chocolate buttercream spread. Definitely a must try!

Monday, 30 March 2009

Another great wedding

30th March 2009

This recent weekend, daddy's cousin got married. Here are some pictures of the happy couple, plus some crazy poses by Safiya and I. To auntie Nurul and uncle Aswandi, congratulations on your wedding!

Taking picture with the newly wed couple

Together with cousin Sasya

Baby Zara

Baby Nazrah

Baby Lizam

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Safiya's favourite cartoon character is growing up?

29th March 2009
Just to share some thought... Some mornings when Safiya and I wake up, we start the day watching our favourite cartoon explorers, Diego and Dora. While browsing through the internet lately, mummy came across the announcement that a teen-version of Dora will be created soon, side by side with the old Dora that we are used to see.
Interesting isn't it? Hmmm... What do you think?

Saturday, 28 March 2009

6 years and still going strong...

28th March 2009
Today is a very special day for beloved mummy and daddy... It's their sixth wedding anniversary! Time really flies... it seems like it was only a short moment since last year's anniversary (which unfortunately couldn't be celebrated since mummy and daddy were thousands of miles apart).

As a reminder of another amazing year, mummy had bought daddy a classic study lamp that daddy had long been wishing for to be put in our [new house]. Daddy was happy to receive the surprise gift and ironically, daddy even dreamt about it last night. The celebration though will have to wait probably until next week since this happens to be a busy week for everyone...

To mummy and daddy... Congratulations and we love you very much!
P/S: Congratulations to auntie Nurul and hubby on your wedding yesterday. We wish you a lifetime of happiness..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

My first time at a football match

25th March 2009

Last night, daddy brought me to the local stadium to watch a football match between our own Brunei team, the DPMM FC against Sengkang Punggol. It was my first experience and happily, our team won! Thanks daddy for the great time... and especially to uncle Sateria, sorry that I cried when you had a taste of my 'cheezels'. Hehehe... I'd do better at sharing next time!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Lovebirds tied the knot

20th March 2009 (Part II)

We recently celebrated the wedding of mummy's cousin (and childhood playmate), uncle Haji Iwan. It's always happy to see a wedding, and even more so for when this time, the Nikah ceremony took place exactly the day after the groom's birthday. What a perfect birthday present!

Congratulations, and we wish both of you a lifetime of happiness
From SyafiSafiya & family

Turtle, tortoise or terrapin?

20th March 2009 (Part I)

Recently, Safiya went for a visit to Nini Green's house to meet some reptiles held as pets. What are they? Hehehe... Those funny looking creatures with a hard shell on their backs, commonly known as turtles or 'kura-kura' in Malay. There are varieties of this species, and perhaps the closest is "terrapin" since they live both in and out of water and loves swampy areas. Safiya loved the visit... thanks Nini Green!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Nasi Kandar

14th March 2009

Wanting to try something new on your menu? Why not head for one famous restaurant in Kampong Bunut and enjoy some spicy and delicious Nasi Kandar? And while you're there, definitely have a taste of the lamb chop... Finger-licking good!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Chubby look-alikes

11 March 2009
Mummy stumbled upon our baby pictures... and now realise that we are look-alikes, both taking much after daddy, except for our eyes... Hehehe... The following pictures were taken when both Safiya and I were around 1 - 2 months old. Anyway, enjoy!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Fruit cocktail custard with strawberry topping

5th March 2009
A quick update... just to share mummy's latest mouthwatering creations in the kitchen. Apparently the strawberries that daddy bought last time for our strawberry shortcakes were quite sour to be eaten on its own, and as such mummy modified her custard recipe with the addition of strawberry topping on top.
Simply delicious!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Strawberry shortcake, anyone?

01st March 2009

Looks delicious, right? After months of nagging, Safiya and I finally get to taste strawberry shortcakes for real. Thanks to mummy and her passion for baking! You can get the recipe from this [website] that mummy found, or you can use plain scones recipe and with the magic touch of whipped cream and strawberry filling (from fresh strawberries, of course!), you can enjoy delicious treats for tea.

And if there is remaining dough left, it's sure fun for the kids to play with! Just look at how Safiya and I became in touch with our creative side below!

A snake...? Hehehe...

I call this my turtle

And this is Safiya's version of a turtle

This is Safiya's "fish"... Quite an imagination for a two year old!