Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Safwan 11 months old today

15th February 2011

Safwan is 11 months old today. He has now started to baby-talk more frequently, and can already differentiate the names of different people: daddy, mama, baba (for abang - brother in Malay), tata (for kaka - big sister in Brunei Malay), nini (grandparents) and auntie, referring to his nanny. He likes to play with remotes and puts phones straight away to his ear.

As always, he smiles and laughs a lot. He has also started to take baby steps and soon he'll be walking around. His favourite game is peek-a-boo and he's also fond of being chased.

One dilemma though, we still can't figure out whether he resembles mummy or daddy. As he grows, he looks more distinctive and different from both Safiya and myself when we were babies.

Now below are pictures of mummy during her early days. A quality that we're sure of that Safwan (all three of us actually) inherits from mummy is his wide forehead. Elders say that it's a sign of intelligence, and we certainly hope so!

Of course what's important is that our baby brother is growing up well, healthy and happy. A month to go before baby Safwan's birthday! Yipppeee!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Magic in our home

13th February 2011

Last night, lots of people gather at our home for the sole purpose of celebrating cousin Syahmi's 2nd birthday. Mummy and daddy were only in charge of providing the venue, whilst Syahmi's parents take care of everything else (of course with the help of other family members as well).

After the night was over, only then mummy realised that she didn't take lots of pictures of the event... not even the birthday cake! Hehehe... perhaps she was a bit tired after a whole day at work. Thankfully, food and drinks was provided by our infamous caterer - our grandparents - through their expanding [catering] business.

The highlight of the celebration last night was a magic show. It was entertaining for kids and adults alike, although some adults might not be that impressed, especially after seeing magicians' secrets being revealed on tv! Hehehe... Even in the pictures below, you can see some peeking over the magician's shoulder! Having said that, it was impressive for an aged man to have successfully pulled off his tricks in front of a live audience.

Happy birthday Syahmi, and the most special present for you is yet to come in April. We know that you will enjoy every minute being a big brother.

P/S: We heard that another cousin is coming in October. Congrats!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Kaka Eyah's birthday party

3rd February 2011

Last Sunday, our beloved cousin, Basyeerah or as we call her, Kaka Eyah, celebrated her 5th birthday at her home in Kg Agau Pengkalan Batu. Kaka Eyah looked pretty and sweet in her purple dress with her long hair let down with just a touch of some hairclips to show her cute face.

Her cake was no less impressive. It was purple and blue - her favourite colour - with a mermaid "sitting" nicely on top.

Kaka Eyah received lots of presents. Actually, she had celebrated her birthday the day before at her school, but she was patient and didn't unwrap the gifts from her friends until the next day.

Happy 5th birthday Kaka Eyah, we wish you a wonderful year filled with love and happiness from all of us around you!