Friday, 26 June 2009

My 5th birthday!

26th June 2009

Five years ago at about 12.06 am, mummy and daddy became proud first-time parents with the birth of their first child... me! Today, I celebrate my 5th birthday with immediate family members. What makes it more memorable is that we had the celebration at our [new house]. Yes, we moved in last night just in time for my birthday party.

At the same time, we also celebrate the birthday of my beloved nini bini, who turned 58 (but still young) last 23rd June. Nini bini was definitely surprised, since we didn't inform her of this 'extra' celebration.

To all family members who came, thank you very much! On behalf of nini bini, we would like also to thank you for the lovely birthday gifts. For myself, I got a scooter, a billiard table, a goal post, clothes from Pengkalan Batu family, Transformers school bag and stationeries, a Tigger bolster, a toy car, Ultraman toy gun, 'ang pow' and my most favourite, a Bumblebee headgear. The play room is definitely full of toys now! Hehehe...

Enjoy these pictures!

Prayer recitation in the living room

Dinner time... On the menu was rice with honey chicken (ayam madu), 'sayur batang pisang', kelupis with beef curry sauce, corn soup and spaghetti with meatballs.

My birthday cake... with 'bumblebee' car on top

Nini bini's gorgeous birthday cake. Both by Bakerlyn.

Make a wish...!

My two lovely cousins, 'Elmo' Lizam and Nazrah

Eager to unwrap my presents...

Thank you to [Warya family] for making my dream come true!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Nini Belait's birthday bash

21st June 2009

Last night, the whole family went to Aneka Rasa Restaurant to attend a surprise birthday party for nini Belait (daddy's father) which fell on 12th June. It was lots of fun, with games and lucky draws in between the meals.

For the gift, we gave nini Belait a group present from us together with Wawa Rimba, Wawa Pulaie and Ngangah in the form of a $100 voucher. We hope that nini Belait will have a joyful time shopping at Huaho!

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nini off to Kuala Lumpur

14th June 2009 (Part II)

It's officially the start of a 2 weeks school holiday. Sadly though, I will be schooling since my school has a different academic year than that of government schools. Anyway, in the evening today, we sent nini laki, nini bini and Bungsu Hazim to the airport. They will be enjoying a 10-days vacation in Kuala Lumpur, Kelantan and Terengganu, Malaysia.

We hope and pray for their safe journey, especially during this pandemic season of the H1N1 virus. Mummy has requested that they avoid congested areas and to always wash their hands as precautionary measures.

Bon Voyage!

Birthday celebration at Jungle Gym

14th June 2009 (Part I)

Yesterday morning, daddy and mummy brought me to Jungle Gym in Kiulap to attend my schoolmate's birthday party. It was lots of fun especially throughout the 2 hours play time. Safiya joined in the excitement too, with my friends Daniel and Xavier adoring her.

To Elisa, Happy Birthday and thank you for the invitation!

Hmmm... I can't wait for my birthday celebration this coming 26th! I don't know what daddy and mummy has planned for that day, but I'm sure anxious to find out! Hehehe...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Large Seremban family

11th June 2009

So... okay, it has been ages since our last update. We apologise, but we have been quite busy lately cleaning up our [new house] and starting to move our things. Hopefully it will be over soon, because Safiya and I can't wait to show off our new bedrooms; complete with beds and curtains...!

Anyway, daddy received an email from one of our family members in Seremban, Malaysia. We are very delighted to have the pictures of our big family, 34 persons altogether. Imagine if us in Brunei join in, there will be another additional 15 persons! Hehehe... That would be daddy and his 3 siblings, the in-laws as well as the 7 great grandchildren. Hahaha...

To auntie Carmen, thanks for the pics.

P/S: Happy birthday to my cousin Adam who turns six today...