Friday, 24 December 2010

An interactive experience at OGDC

24th December 2010

Our baby brother has an appointment for vaccination today at Panaga Health Centre in Seria at around 1 pm. Our parents decided not to waste the 50 minutes drive merely for that purpose. Hence, we all left home earlier and visited the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre (OGDC) before the Friday prayers. We arrived at OGDC at around 10.30 and it was perfect ~ they close at 11.30 on Fridays.

The first display that caught our attention was some information about a group of Bruneians who successfully conquered Mount Everest earlier this year. From what we understand, a second expedition is currently planned, and daddy was actually offered a spot in the second attempt to stand on the highest peak on earth. Daddy however had to decline the tempting offer after much thought ~ and due to the lack of support by family and friends. Mummy especially thought the high risk is not worth leaving us behind; the children. Hehehe... perhaps daddy will have better luck in convincing mummy next time!

We then walked through the exhibitions and had a great time. Lots of the displays were interactive and we got the chance to experiment some science facts for real. I must say that all the displays were interesting, and my most treasured experiment was lying down on a bed of nails. When I see such reality tricks on tv later on, I can proudly say "Hey, I did that!"

Enjoy these pictures!

One particular display was a bit intimidating. Daddy was the only one brave enough to experience becoming a human gyroscope. Here is a picture and a video that mummy took.

After all that fun, we had lunch at Ideal Restaurant which is located at the OGDC building itself.

Then, daddy and I went to the mosque for the Friday prayers while "the ladies" went to Panaga Health Centre for baby Safwan's pnemucoccal injection. Afterwards, we headed home.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

A walk through history

23rd December 2010

Finally, one of our parents is on leave. It has been a while since our school holiday started and we only stayed home most of the time since our parents are working. However, starting yesterday, daddy will be spending time with us at home and his leave goes on until the new year. Unfortunately, mummy was not allowed to take any day off until the end of January.

Nevertheless, quality time spending with daddy is no less entertaining for us. Today, daddy brought us to visit two museums in Kota Batu, namely the Brunei Museum and the Malay Technology Museum. Since it was still quite early in the morning, there were not many visitors around and we got to have the museums all to ourselves.

First, we went to the Brunei Museum;

And here are pictures taken at the Malay Technology Museum:

We also found some more coverage about the Malay Technology Museum in another blog. You might want to [check it out].

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Nini Laki in our local newspaper

21st December 2010

It was quite a day for Nini Laki yesterday. In the afternoon, he boarded a flight to Kuala Lumpur, not on vacation but on duty. He was sent by the Halal Food Control Division (BKMH) to oversee a company in that region complying with Halal regulations before exporting its products to Brunei.

Anyway, this blog post is about something that has happened before Nini Laki's flight. Earlier in the morning, Nini Laki gave a briefing about a newly established organisation in Brunei, namely the Ex-Religious Officers Organisation (Persatukan Bekas Guru Agama) or PERGA for short.

Here is the full story (in Malay) as extracted from the [Media Permata]:

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, Isnin - Satu lagi sejarah bermakna berlaku di Negara Brunei Darussalam tahun ini apabila para bekas guru agama dan bekas pegawai pernah bertugas mengajar di mana-mana institusi pendidikan agama kerajaan di negara ini kini memiliki persatuannya sendiri yang dinamakan Persatuan Bekas Guru Agama (PERGA).

Salah satu daripada tujuan penubuhannya ialah untuk memberikan sumbangan dalam meninggikan syiar Islam, menyemarakkan kegiatan dakwah dan memantapkan pendidikan agama di negara ini.

Ke arah memastikan keaktifan PERGA dan mencapai tujuan penubuhannya, PERGA akan mengadakan Mesyuarat Agung Pertamanya dalam sedikit masa lagi dengan salah satu daripada agenda utamanya ialah mengundi bagi memilih Jawatankuasa Tadbir, yang akan mentadbir persatuan berkenaan.

Sehubungan itu, Majlis Taklimat PERGA telah diadakan hari ini di Teater Mini, Kolej Universiti Perguruan Ugama Seri Begawan (KUPU SB) bertujuan bagi memperkenalkan PERGA secara lebih terperinci lagi kepada para ahlinya.

PERGA diluluskan pendaftarannya di bawah Perintah Pertubuhan 2005 Bahagian Pendaftaran Pertubuhan pada 20 Mei 2010.

Dalam taklimatnya, Pengerusi Bersama Majlis, Haji Abdul Rahman Haji Matarsat menyatakan Jawatankuasa Tadbir yang dilantik itu nanti terdiri daripada Yang Dipertua, Timbalan Yang Dipertua, Pengerusi Tetap, Timbalan Pengerusi Tetap, Setiausaha Agung, Penolong Setiausaha Agung, Bendahari Agung, Penolong Bendahari Agung dan Pengerusi Jawatankuasa-Jawatankuasa Badan.

Beliau menjelaskan lanjut, Jawatankuasa Badan itu terdiri daripada Badan Sosial dan Kebajikan, Badan Akademik, Dakwah, Penerangan dan Penerbitan, Badan Ekonomi dan Perusahaan, dan Badan Wanita.

Menyentuh tiga lagi tujuan PERGA ditubuhkan, beliau menyatakan ia juga bagi menyatupadukan bekas guru agama dan pegawai yang menjadi ahli persatuan.

Selain bagi membantu mengekalkan kecerdasan dan keaktifan ahli melalui projek, kegiatan dan aktiviti persatuan, dan untuk meninggikan taraf hidup para ahlinya melalui projek ekonomi dan perusahaan yang sesuai dan termampu, ujarnya.

Menurutnya, keahlian adalah dibukakan kepada bekas guru-guru agama dan bekas pegawai-pegawai yang pernah bertugas mengajar di mana-mana institusi pendidikan agama kerajaan di negara ini.

Syarat menjadi ahli ialah tempoh perkhidmatan tidak kurang daripada lima tahun, walau bagaimanapun yang kurang daripada lima tahun akan dirujuk kepada Jawatankuasa Tertinggi Persatuan.

Pemohon hendaklah warganegara Brunei Darussalam, tidak pernah dijatuhi hukuman oleh mana-mana mahkamah disebabkan melakukan kesalahan jenayah dan tamat perkhidmatan dengan kerajaan bukan disebabkan dibuang kerja, jelasnya lanjut di majlis yang turut mendengarkan ucapan alu-aluan daripada Pengerusi Bersama Majlis, Haji Musa Mantok berkenaan.

Sebarang maklumat lanjut mengenai PERGA, mereka yang memenuhi syarat bolehlah menghubungi talian telefon 8832397 ataupun 8723193.

NOTE: Nini Laki's phone number has been printed wrongly ~ it should have been 8723192

Friday, 10 December 2010

Safiya's birthday celebration - Part II

10th December 2010

As mentioned before, last Tuesday, we had two separate birthday celebrations for Safiya. The second phase was held at 3 p.m. and this time, our guests were around 70 people including adults and children.

After recitation of prayers, Safiya was presented with her exclusive birthday cake. Surely she was happy to see a princess birthday cake in her favourite colours; pink and yellow. She was a bit shy when we sang her the birthday song, but was delighted to blow her candles.

Then, it was time for the feast! On the menu was Soto Brunei and rice with ayam masak merah, soy sauce beef, ampap ikan, fried fish, kangkung and sayur rebung. Another special menu that we had was ambuyat, and we were lucky to have lots of "ambuyat expert" on the scene to cater for the high demands... hehehe...

After a satisfying meal, we had a surprise for bungsu Hazim. He recently turned 17 (on 5th December) as such nini laki and nini bini bought a yam ice-cream cake for him.

All the hustle and bustle toned down just before dusk when our guests headed home. Safiya then changed into her other dress especially for unwrapping her presents. The two dresses that she wore that day were bought in Australia during our recent trip ~ on request by nini bini that Safiya buys her own birthday presents there. Perhaps that was why Safiya wanted to wear them both on her birthday celebration day ~ and she thought about that all on her own!

Here are Safiya's presents this year...

Thank you everybody! Note on your diaries... next birthday celebration will be in March when our baby brother, Safwan, turns 1, InsyaAllah...