Monday, 29 December 2008

Recipe inherited from our late grandmother

28 December 2008

In the morning today, we happily went to Wawa's house for a family lunch together. Exclusively on the menu is a recipe that we have inherited from our late grandmother, who is a Chinese. If we are not mistaken, the recipe was originally learnt from a very close relative of ours in Seremban, Malaysia. We refer to the special soup as 'tepung' (flour in English) because the basic ingredient is basically kneaded flour! The dough is then rolled and pulled apart to form thin strips and cooked in a soup containing chicken, prawns, dried anchovies and 'cangkok manis'.

Especially for Wawa and Ngangah, enjoy these pics!

The dough.. We usually leave the kneading part to Wawa who is an 'expert'.. Hehehe

The other ingredients

The condiments

Ngangah was in charge of the rolling process

She even made a map of Australia!

Then, everyone helped with the pulling apart process, including Safiya and my cousin, Adam

The end result... Yummmm!!! We have been craving for this for months!

My cousins; Sasya, Nazrah and Zara

Saturday, 27 December 2008

Preparation for the new school year

27 December 2008

It has been a while since we update this blog. Apparently mummy and daddy have been very busy spending the long holiday focusing on our [new house] that we didn't really have time to enjoy leisure family times together.

However, a day before Christmas, mummy and daddy accompanied me to attend an 'interview' session at one choice of my school; the Yayasan Preschool. The teacher was amazed to see me able to colour neatly and play with puzzles and blocks. I have been used to all those in my long year in Brisbane, and all that Miss B and Mrs Miller had taught me really helps! I will be put in Kindergarten One if we finally choose this school.

At night on the same day, we attended a Doa Selamat ceremony at our mate from Brisbane's home in Sengkurong. Auntie Lina is one of our close acquaintances down under, and we were happy to accept her invitation. Unfortunately nini laki and nini bini could not join us, since they were enjoying a vacation in Kota Kinabalu.

That night, we enjoyed a wide array of delicious menu... sizzling noodles, soto Brunei, chicken rice, satay and 'rojak' (mixture of squids, cut vegetables and ground peanuts in a thick sweet sauce). To auntie Lina and family, we really had a good time. Thank you!

Oh, in case you are wondering, Safiya did attend the ceremony with us, but was soundly asleep the whole time in Auntie Lina's bedroom. It must be really cosy for Safiya!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Getting used to Brunei...

22 December 2008

Currently, Brunei is still having the end-of-year school holidays. I will be starting school early next year, so I still have around 2 weeks or so relaxing! Sadly, mummy and daddy had to go to work immediately the day following our arrival from Brisbane. As such, I only have time to spend with mummy at home on Friday (a non-working day in Brunei) and on Saturdays with daddy since daddy is working with Shell.

Anyway, here are pictures of what we have been doing so far:

Last Saturday, I spent the whole day with daddy on his hunt for some more things for our [new house]. Safiya had to stay home because she might get tired from all the driving, after all, we only went home late in the afternoon. At noon, we stopped by mummy's newly refurbished office and later went out for lunch. Mummy was craving for soto Brunei, so we went to enjoy the famous "Soto Rosmini" in Gadong. Mummy said that the lady has been in business for more than 10 years and the distinctive taste of her soup still remains the selling point. Her daughter started up a similar business (Soto Tini's) but we still like the mother's version.

Mummy took our picture from her office at the third floor.

It's nice that mummy's office is directly opposite the SOAS mosque, the most famous landmark of Brunei. Look at my hair...

The famous Soto Rosmini. This is the special version, with additions of fried egg and fried chicken.

I enjoyed the chicken fried rice

The same day at night, mummy and daddy decided that it's time for my haircut. Hehehe... Mummy is tired of thinking that she has two girls instead of a girl and a boy! We didn't go to the barber while in Brisbane, and my hair has grown so long that I started to look like a girl... hehehe... As usual, getting a haircut is a very ticklish moment for me, but everyone likes the result in the end. The long hair was difficult to maintain anyway, especially when I'm tired and sweating!

Mummy was happy and said "Yes, I have a son!"

Yesterday, after attending a cousin's wedding, we paid a visit to Wawa (daddy's elder brother) who has recently moved in a new bungalow. Safiya and I had a blast playing with our cousins Adam and Sasya. We were so loud that 3 month old Zara couldn't get any sleep! Sorry cousin! Hehehe... To Wawa, congratulations on the new house. It's really beautiful and truly a home sweet home!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Home Sweet Home

17 December 2008

The day is finally here! After dropping the house keys at the real estate agent, we ventured on our last journey to Brisbane International Airport. We went to bed a little bit late last night (especially mummy and daddy who went to sleep at 3 am!) to finalise everything, but that does not stop the excitement of finally going back home.

A final look at Brisbane from high up in the sky

The flight was full, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable one. I also met with a new friend, Thomas, who was sitting next to me. He is friendly and showed me his video game that he was playing throughout the 7 hour flight. It was nice meeting you!

As soon as we arrived, we could see happy faces waiting for us at the arrival hall. We are extremely excited! Then, we went home and still lots of family members were waiting. Apparently nini bini has invited them for a special dinner treat that night. She must have been very busy cooking since morning! That's my nini bini, always making your day as special as it can ever be!

So now, our life in Brunei starts... Let's hope that all that we have learnt in Brisbane will be beneficial to go on with our new life.. and off to a great future!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Last day in Brisbane

16 December 2008

It's a mixed feeling... Happy that we're finally going back home for good, but at the same time it's sad to say good-bye to a place we've grown attached to, especially after such a long time staying here. We may no longer see our friends we're leaving behind, but for sure we'll always remember them, forever!

So, on this last day, mummy and daddy had to sort out lots of things. The delivery company picked up our stuff that will be shipped to Brunei. We had lots of boxes and loose items, and the delivery van was full! After measurements was made, mummy was told that we had an extra 1.5 cubic metres more than the government allowance that mummy is entitled to, and we had to pay around AU$650 for the extra bit. Hehehe... It's expected right, after all, the allowance is meant for one person, but the stuff is that of the whole family, including nini laki and nini bini! Hehehe...

At the same time, we also had a carpet and mattress cleaning service today, as directed by our real estate agent. Mummy and daddy also had to make sure that the house is clean and tidy, and so cleaning works had to be done, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms.

After all is done, we went to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre to sort out our phone lines, broadband as well as mummy's bank account. Then, we relaxed and enjoyed scones, cappuccino and hot chocolate to celebrate our last day in Brisbane. Finally, a stop at Guyatt Park to end the day.

Tomorrow, we'll be flying off to Brunei... Bye-bye Brisbane!

Monday, 15 December 2008

Mummy's graduation ceremony

15 December 2008

After about 10 long months studying in Brisbane away from home, mummy has finally graduated! We are lucky since the ceremony is a family event, as such Safiya and I could come along. Frankly, I don't exactly understand that strange square 'thing' that mummy wears on her head and why she had to line up and later go on the stage to receive a long cylinder, but it was fun... Especially the dressing up part!

To mummy, congratulations! We are all very proud of you!