Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Daddy is here... again!!!

After hours of waiting (and sweating too after lots of playing), a taxi arrives... Yeayyy!! Safiya and I were jumping up and down seeing a familiar face coming out of the huge vehicle.. Daddy is here!

As usual, daddy brought lots of things.. mostly food for the Hari Raya festivities tomorrow. Almost all foods were allowed by the Australian customs, except nini green's kelupis, serunding and kuih mor.. So sad... but at least our ambulung (to make ambuyat) was alright!

Ohh.. and daddy bought a telekong for Safiya.. This is what female Muslims wear for our daily prayers.. She looks so cute!

After resting for a while, we went out to Toowong Village to do some last minute shopping for our open house tomorrow. Good thing daddy was not exhausted after the long hour flight and almost two hours getting clearance for all the foods that he brought in from Brunei.

In the evening during sungkai, we enjoyed ambuyat... Thanks daddy for bringing it for us!

Monday, 29 September 2008

BSS Iftar 2008

29 September 2008

Last Saturday night on 27th September, all of us went to a Tahlil and Iftar (break fast) ceremony hosted by the Brunei Student Society. Heheh... sorry for the late update, mummy has been busy lately finishing her assignments and later making some biscuits for the upcoming Hari Raya celebration.

Anyway, back to the Iftar gathering, it's a potluck and what did we bring...? Hehehe... Nini bini's Nasi Ayam as well as Bubur Kacang Hijau (mung beans porridge).

Enjoy the pictures below!

Want to see more pictures? Mat P Hensem has lots and lots more!

Saturday, 27 September 2008

More pictures from University of Queensland

Just want to share more pictures of the University of Queensland.. Mummy says it brings good memories, and it's quite sad that we're leaving it behind for good in December.. Anyway, for those good times, enjoy these pics...

Friday, 26 September 2008

A craving finally fulfilled

26 September 2008

One of nini bini's trademark dishes back in Brunei is 'ayam tua rebus kunyit' which is actually a turmeric stew of grilled post-mature chickens. Hehehe... sometimes we call the chicken as 'ayam pencen' or literally translated as pensioner chicken; it has stopped producing eggs.

The texture of the chicken is tough and does not disintegrate during hours of cooking, and so nini bini's stew may take hours of cooking before it's ready. To prepare it, we usually grill the chicken to make it easier to remove the feathers, which actually adds a distinctive taste to it ... a taste we have been craving for months!

We haven't found old chickens here in Brisbane, so we used the usual chickens instead. After grilling it over a gas hob (usually we grill it like a barbeque), the chicken is cut and then cooked. Since we're using normal chicken, it takes lesser time to cook. Nini bini actually prepared two versions of it, one without chillli especially for Safiya and I.

What do you know...? The taste almost resembles the original dish! Ahhh... finally, our craving has been fulfilled... hehehe... Thanks nini bini (and nini laki too for the grilling part)!

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Spring vs. hay fever

Flowers blooming outside our verandah

Hehehe... This post is especially for our beloved daddy... It's spring time now in Brisbane, so we know what that means.. Mummy says daddy has to remember stocking up on hay fever medicines, because we surely don't want daddy sneezing when he arrives in 4 days time!

Can't wait to see you daddy! We miss you!

Ramadan is sadly ending, but the foods keep coming!

24 September 2008

Here are pictures of nini bini's latest addition to the menu. So far, there's not one creation of nini bini that we don't like.. she is really a great cook, and gets very creative in the kitchen! Hehehe... maybe that's why mummy says Safiya and I are putting on weight.. Don't worry mummy, we still look adorable as always.. hehehe...

Cucur udang or prawn fritters

Kuih Keria... I guess it's our version of doughnuts, but this has got sweet potatoes in it. Yummy!

My favourite.. chicken rice

Noodles in vegetables soup.. my favourite: mushrooms!

Mmmmmmmm... finger-licking good

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Idol... anyone?

Australian Idol 2008

Hehehe... We come from a family with a long history of music, especially from daddy's side of the family.. Nini Belait (daddy's dad) is a passionate singer and loves his music very much. Nini Belait has until now given me a guitar and a keyboard (the real huge one) for my birthdays. Nini laki likes to sing too, and whenever the two in-laws meet, they'll definitely sing some numbers to entertain us.

Anyway, why all of a sudden we're talking about music? Apart from our music favourites added to this blog, it's also because of the "Australian Idol fever" that's infecting the Australian population right now. From all the 12 finalists, our current favourites are Roshani and Chrislyn. Almost all of them are talented though. As at last night, Jonny and Brooke have been voted out of the competition.

More info? Visit the Idol's official website!
Alternatively, another website has lots of informations too.
Check them out!

Monday, 22 September 2008

Saturday, 20 September 2008

New activities today...

20 September 2008

So... what were we up to today? In the morning, we had a house-cleaning campaign in preparation for the upcoming Eid or Hari Raya festivities. Our living area is now clear from the computer desk (with all the wiring!), and one final touch that is yet to be done is putting the table cloth... we're requesting daddy to bring it from Brunei.

Our living area... the computer table is now in my bedroom, so it's now a bedroom cum study room, and ironing room too.. hehehe...

In the afternoon, we walked to Guyatt Park to visit the Ramadan bazaar hosted by some Malaysian students. We bought some Hari Raya cookies, chicken and beef murtabak and... mini doughnuts which Safiya and I finished while walking on the way home! Opppsss... now everyone knows I'm not fasting! Hahaha...

Anyway, here are some pictures that mummy took:

And... on the menu for sungkai is ...

A big feast, ehh? Fried rice with egg, beef and chicken murtabak, grilled chicken and almond cookies (with jam and nougat on top!)

Happy Ramadan everyone.. and remember, the final 10 nights are just around the corner!