Sunday, 29 May 2011

Health and fitness mode

29th May 2011

We started off our Sunday morning today by visiting Bukit Shahbandar for an early morning exercise with daddy. It was quite a challenge for us hiking up the hill but we were proud of ourselves once we reached the top. We also had some playtime at the play area.

Then, in the afternoon we attended cousin Lizam's 3rd birthday party at the Royal Brunei Recreation Club. We were very excited not only because we get to enjoy the party, but also because of swimming activities afterwards at the RBRC swimming pools!

After a satisfying meal, Safiya and I showed off our swimming skills. Our parents are very proud of us... it shows that all those weekly swimming lessons at school prove to be a great help for us. Safwan also took a dip for a very short while but decided he was not up for it. Perhaps the cold water was too much for the little guy.

What a great day!

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Safwan's 2nd visit to the barber shop

28th May 2011

Our baby brother's hair is getting longer, and so our parents decided it was time for him to get a hair cut. Safwan was very cooperative and patient. He didn't move a lot and shed no tears at all. The barber was impressed too.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Special Needs Fund Raising Week

26th May 2011

This whole week, JIS has been hosting a fund raising week and all students and staff work hard together to collect funds to be donated to children with special needs here in Brunei. Last Tuesday, Year 2 had a bake sale and mummy helped me by donating some banana cupcakes. When mummy came during lunch to see the sale, she discovered that the bake sale was so successful that all baked goodies were sold out during the morning break. Safiya was a bit frustrated as well as she didn't get to buy anything from the sale.

As for her class, Safiya and her friends undertake to do some house chores for two days. A certificate is then made with the help of parents showing which chores were done. In return, parents donate $2 towards the fund. Here is Safiya's finished certificate:

It's very good that we are exposed to fund raising activities at our early age. Our parents hope that this provides a strong message for us to carry into our future because there are people out there who need our care, love and support no matter where they are.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Baby Safwan's new trick

14th May 2011

It's a Saturday and mummy is not feeling well. She is having early signs of a cold or flu infection and the doctor gave her the day off from work. Not wanting to disturb her rest, we all went downstairs early in the morning and had breakfast with daddy.

Out of the blue, Safwan expressed his intention of trying to feed himself. As such, daddy prepared the table and gave each of us small bowls of rice porridge. Then it happened... Safwan played tricks on us. He seems to be busy eating his own food, but as soon as Safiya looked elsewhere, Safwan took the chance to take her big sister's food instead. He then pretends as if nothing happened and continued on with his own bowl.

It's amazing what a 14 months old baby can already do! Hehehe...

Monday, 9 May 2011

Small Mother's Day celebration

9th May 2011

We had a special dinner last night. Our grandparents, Machar & family and Bungsu Hazim gathered at our house in celebration of this year's special day for mums. We had seafood steamboat with the choices of seafood and tom yam soup. The buffet table was full of various items -- prawns, fresh fish cubes, mussels, Brunei's own kupang (clams), fish balls, fish cakes, squids, noodles as well as vegetables.

We also witnessed our three celebrated mothers cut an ice-cream cake.

~ Another memory to remember the good times ~

Friday, 6 May 2011

Early Mother's Day presents

6th May 2011

Mother's Day is coming this weekend but lucky mummy received her presents in advance... today! I made mummy a card with a self-made bouquet.

As for Safiya, she made cut-out cards that spell MUM and delicious chocolate treats as her present this year. Safiya was really good at keeping her gift a secret and apparently she has been busy making them this whole week at school with the help of her teachers. From mummy's conversation with one of the other mums, a friend of Safiya had actually leaked out the secret and told his mom what the present was going to be. Lucky mummy, Safiya is good at making surprises!

To our beloved mummy... Happy advanced Mother's Day!
Lots of love from Syafi, Safiya & Safwan