Tuesday, 22 July 2008

A long day full of adventure

22 July 2008

It has been 4 days that we're in Brisbane, and it's definitely time to fill up the freezer... so in the morning, mummy and daddy brought me (actually I insisted to come along) to Fortitude Valley. We bought lots of fresh fish and prawns, as well as halal chicken and beef. Mummy says the price here is quite alright, especially some which are quite a bargain, such as chicken wings which costs AU$2.99 per kilogram and a huge packet of beef bones for AU$1.00. Of course, some others are quite expensive, like the large mud crabs that's AU$33.99 per kilogram! Hehe...

Waiting for the bus from the city to Fortitude Valley.

Pictures of us buying fresh seafood in Chinatown.

Heheh.. Playful me.. running after some pigeons. Reminds me of London!

Yup... we bought lots of chicken and beef...

In the afternoon, after lunch and a quick rest at home, it was time for mummy's first day of school this semester. We walked with her to school and we were quite sad to see her go. I guess one month holiday in Brunei that we spent together makes it unusual to say good-bye to her! Can't imagine when daddy leaves us for Brunei! We'll truly be sad!

While waiting for mummy's class to finish, we went around the university grounds, and then we played at Guyatt Park. We had lots of fun and Safiya met with a new friend. We also had a little scare when two huge dogs show up... Not a usual sight in Brunei! And then ... daddy's phone rang ... and not long after that, we saw mummy again! Hehehe... Then, we went home for the night. More adventures tomorrow!

Bye-bye mummy!

Taking some pictures around the university grounds (above) and having fun at Guyatt Park (below).

Yippeee! Mummy's back!

At home after dinner, mummy made us banana mixed with 'sasagun' that we brought from home. It's a traditional Brunei delicacy, a dried mixture of ground rice, grated coconut, sugar and salt. It's eaten with banana, either as a dip or mixed together into a soft dough. Mummy always like to make eating fun, and made small balls instead! Yummy... thanks mummy!

Sasagun ... and the sasagun-banana balls

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